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Dear Catherine Roberts, I just wanted to say thank you for your services, hard work, and importantly your friendly advisory. You and your team had done an excellent job that brought my divorce case to final. Your knowledge has covered every detail ahead of each step to enable the process to go smoothly. Thank you again for all the efforts that you and your team had put together in my case.

- Sincerely yours, TT

Dissolution of Marriage

Catherine was professional, caring, and guided me through a difficult situation. Catherine, explained the process every step of the way, and became a trusted confidant. I would highly recommend Catherine with any family law situation you might find yourself in.

- Anonymous

Trusted Confidant

We hired Catherine to help guide us through legal proceedings with our son. She did an excellent job in explaining the process, making sure of the details and also provided practical advice.



Mrs. Roberts was a huge shock. She looks like your typical mother. With a bit of a southern accent. But she is very good at what she does. She gathers your information. Alone with her legal team and once all this is done. She then tells you what she is able to do without making promises. Because you never know what the courts will say or do but I felt she was prepared for whatever the judge asked her and more. Mrs. Roberts asks a lot of questions at first that I didn't understand but in the end, there was a method to her madness. I would use her if I ever needed her again she may look like your mother but she is a beast in the courtroom.

Thank you, Mrs. Roberts,



Catherine did an excellent job assisting with my divorce. She was always available to answer my questions and to explain the process.


Dissolution of Marriage

Working with Cathy was a great experience. We had a short timeline to get our wills updated and Cathy was accommodating and patient throughout the process. I will recommend Cathy to my friends and will continue to use her services.


Will and Trust

Cathy is the most wonderful person, professional and thoughtful attorney I have ever known. She treated me like a son and not a client. She was always there for me anytime I needed her. She is a champion in her field and has all the answers. Her professionalism is second to none and I will recommend her to anyone every day.


Amazing Attorney

Amazing attorney. Care about your well-being and very professional. When something doesn't look correct she will step in and question the action of the other party. She communicates very effectively along with her assistant Kendra.


Divorce Attorney

I would like to thank Catherine's office for her work on our case. Most of our contact was through Kendra with multiple updates, explanations, and confirmations. The communication was great and she laid out the clear outline for the next steps needed. Love Her


Her Assistant Kendra is Amazing

Catherine is very knowledgeable, explained the process and what I should expect very thoroughly. She got back to me in a timely manner, addressed my concerns as they arose and was very reachable.


Very Happy with My Choice to Hire Catherine Roberts.

Catherine is an honest, hard-working attorney. She represented our case for legal guardianship. She lets you know what she needs and what to expect. I had a very complicated case and she was there to take my calls even on weekends...



Cathy took on a very complex and complicated case that the most lawyers didn't even want to spend time on as there have been so many twists to it since it involves a mother with mental health concerns, a father with drugs and alcohol abuse and grandparents who love and care deeply for their precious grandchild, although they have no legal rights unless they can prove both parents to be unfit to raise their child. The question really comes down to the court wanting to know, is one or the other parent in a home, with a stable job where they somehow manage to get to work and keep their job, and can they provide a home for their child and be sure they are fed, clothed, and get to pre-school? It does matter if the child is taken care of as far them being clean, hair brushed and cared for, medications are given properly to prevent secondary issues, and just common sense things to keep them safe and in a stable environment. Cathy has stood with us through the battle, and even though it is not yet over, she has our grandchild's best interest at heart and doesn't give up. She advises us wisely and to the best of knowledge, telling us she does not know about something if she truly doesn't. She has become more like a friend to us, caring so much and very concerned about the outcome of the case.

Cathy is a very mature attorney with years of experience and knowledge to base her decisions upon. She will guide you through the legal process with her wisdom and lend you her knowledge. We are very thankful for the opportunity to meet and work with Cathy and her team.


Cathy Is More than Our Attorney, She's Become Someone We Trust as A Friend yet She's Very Professional and Firm and When Needed