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Taking on legal matters such as divorce or navigating how to plan out your will can be a stressful and confusing time. I can help you find a favorable solution efficiently and thoroughly so you can focus on more important things in life.

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Catherine Roberts Attorney

Catherine Roberts

Attorney at Law

Since graduating from Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama in 1975, I have had a couple of different job titles to get to where I am now as a successful family law attorney. Before moving to Colorado, I worked in a prosecutor's office for a number of years before settling in Centennial. Upon my move, I worked in a District Attorney's office for a year and a half before starting up my private practice in 1990. Since striking out on my own, I have enjoyed working with clients going through a divorce or looking to create a will because I want to provide them with legal representation that makes a difference in their lives for the benefit of their loved ones.


Why Choose Me?

Thorough Representation

From divorce and child custody to creating wills, it takes consistent attention to detail to provide honest guidance that fits your unique situation. Not everyone benefits from the same strategies or legal treatment; we will work together so I can provide you with sound advice tailored for you so you can leave my office feeling like you are my only client.

Caring and Empathetic

I understand how hard it is to go through a divorce and how stressful it can be to write a will so your assets can be shifted to your loved ones when you pass away. I will regularly check in with you so you are not left in the dark on the status of your case. It is just as important for you to know what's going on in the event something changes in your life or situation.


Types of Wills

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Simple Wills

Used for uncomplicated estates, these wills provide for the outright distribution of your assets to your loved ones.

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Living Wills

This strategy allows you to state what medical treatment you want in the event you are unable to speak or communicate.

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Powers of Attorney

This will allow you to designate a trusted individual to stand in your shoes and make medical and financial decisions for you in your best interest.

I Can Help You Start Your Next Chapter

It is in important, especially in Divorce, that you have a partnership with your legal professional. No two families are exactly alike — your divorce-related matters vary, your kids have different needs, so a cookie-cutter approach simply won’t do. I will take the time to talk with you about the provisions of your will, determine what your estate assets are, and help you to draft a will that determines how assets will be distributed.

All of those processes can have a significant impact on your life, so it's extremely important that The Law Office of Catherine Roberts PC gives you a tailored-to-fit strategy or plan. Once you're given a plan to fit your needs and goals, you can start the next chapter of your life feeling a weight lifted.

As a family law attorney, I have helped numerous clients through their legal matters, including divorce, child custody, and child support proceedings. You want the best for your family and your children, so let me be your guide to a new chapter in your life. It is great to have a will drafted no matter your age. All wills should be periodically updated, I recommend every 5 years. It is important that your will reflect your current family circumstance.

If you live in Centennial or the greater Denver, Colorado area, including the counties of Jefferson, Douglas, and Arapahoe, contact my office today to schedule a free consultation.