Divorce Attorney in Centennial, Colorado

Legal issues involving your family can be incredibly emotional. If you’re facing divorce in or around Centennial or in the counties of Arapahoe, Jefferson and Douglas, the family law and divorce attorney at The Law Office of Catherine Roberts PC will guide you through the process with passion and care.

Catherine Roberts

Attorney at Law

Catherine Roberts operates a boutique law firm, helping families with divorce and family law in the Centennial, Colorado area. With four-plus decades of experience, she prefers meeting clients face-to-face to provide thorough counsel and guidance.

Divorce is an emotionally draining, even overwhelming, time. Attorney Roberts will help you navigate the divorce process while keeping your best interests at heart. Not every person’s situation is the same, so she will respect your unique needs.

Catherine Roberts Attorney

Do I Need a Divorce Attorney?

The Answer Is “Yes.” A Lawyer Offers Experienced Guidance.

Divorce not only means dissolution of your marriage, but also poses new financial and personal life challenges. You want to make sure your final accord is mutually beneficial and that you don’t don’t get shortchanged. You need legal representation.

Divorce Means Major Changes

  • Your Assets Are Divided

    Property you’ve accumulated while married is subject to division upon divorce. Better to agree among yourselves on the division than let a judge split up assets because you two disagree.

  • Your Financial Future May Get Murky

    You may find yourself going from two incomes to one, or even being obligated to pay child or spousal support. At the very least, you will be headed off into newly charted territory.

  • The Children Will Face a New Future

    If you have children, there will be issues of custody, support, and parenting time. These are also issues you should decide with your spouse. Rely on an experienced divorce attorney to help.

Compassionate Guidance Through Divorce

Let’s Work Together to Resolve Your Issues Before Court.

Divorce is an emotional, trying time, but if both spouses work together to decide the major issues, it will lead to a better solution going forward than having a court impose conditions on you. Attorney Roberts can work with you to mutually resolve matters. She can also represent your interests in court.